Coach Industries USA

Who We Are

Coach Industries, Inc. provides top quality bulk ingredients to both the Japanese and American market places from around the world. Our vast network has been forged over 35 years. While we can provide all of the raw ingredient essentials such as basic vitamins and minerals, we excel at bringing unique American ingredients into the Japanese marketplace.

Coach Industries has been the leading supplier of unique Japanese ingredients, such as CoQ10, Nattokinose, and Serrapeptase. We are your dependable solution for well priced, quality ingredients, coming dependably from Japan to your company’s front door.

If you on the other hand, are looking for bulk material to supply research, prototype development, or want to manufacture a new formula, we also provide top quality ingredients from around the world to suit your needs, no matter where your company is located.

Please see our full ingredient list below for a scope of our past experiences.

“We excel at bringing unique American ingredients into the Japanese marketplace.”

Koichi Sugiyama

Coach Industries Inc has brought new and unique products to the Japanese market for over two decades. Do you have a new product you think might do well in the robust Japanese health and cosmetic market? Use our powerful and efficient 35-year-old network to guide you through the notoriously difficult Japanese customs bureaucracy and establish your ingredient in a thriving health industry. We will gladly showcase your ingredient at coveted health shows such as HI Japan where people regularly stop by the booth to see Coach’s new ingredients!