Pumpkin Seed Extract

Pepo Pumpkin “Cucurbita Pepo L.”

Pepo Pumpkin is widely grown in Austria for Pumpkin Seeds, the main raw ingredient used to produce Pumpkin Seed Oil, a famous product in Austria certified with the “Protected Designation of Origin” system of EU. Pumpkin Seed has been consumed both as a food and medicine since ancient times in Central America and Europe. In Central America, it was believed Pumpkin Seed had tonic effects. In Europe, they discovered Pumpkin Seed had effects on the prostate making it effective for bladder control.

How is Pumpkin Seed Extract made?

-After squeezing oil, Pumpkin Seed Powder is produced.

-Pumpkin Seed Powder is very rich in protein and dietary fibers.

-Pumpkin Seed Powder is extracted using Water and Ethanol in order to extract active ingredients and to standardize the quality.

-The extract is then evaporated and spray-dried in order to make the active contents easier to consume and absorb.

Ingredient Breakdown

Hydrophile Contents: 44-65%

Protein (80-90%), Amino Acid, Dietary Fiber

Phenols (Lignan), Trace elements (Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Selenium max 0.5mg/g)

Lipophilic contents: 35-53%

Fat Oil, Fatty Acid (Linoleic Acid ~50%, Oleic Acid ~35%, Palmitic Acid ~5%), Carotenoids (~0.0015%), Tocopherols (0.02-0.08%)