Why Choose Coach As Your Gateway to Japan or your global source in America?

Because we can bring your unique ingredients to the Japanese market

Coach Industries Inc has brought new and unique products to the Japanese market for over two decades. Use our powerful and efficient 35-year-old network to guide you through the notoriously difficult Japanese customs bureaucracy and establish your ingredient in a thriving health industry.

The Japan market is never easy to penetrate. The Japanese Ministry of Health has some of the strictest guidelines for entry of any country in the world. Health ingredients are very closely monitored for purity, radiation, and a slew of ingredients banned by the Ministry of Health. Beyond that there is skepticism of new ingredients that have not yet been tested by their own science teams and facilities.

That said, there is hope for your unique ingredient. There is a general rule that pop-health trends, as well as new unique formulas/ingredients in America will always follow in Japan. Whether or not you are able to be the first on the market depends on you having a partner who is already strongly established in the market place. Our Japanese branch has been working with the Ministry of Health and Japanese customs to distribute new and unique ingredients in the Japanese and American Market place for 35 years. Our network is so deeply embedded that we can guarantee your product will not only pass smoothly through customs, but have an already established network to distribute across the Japanese market.

Because we can showcase your ingredients at our busy booths in Japan

Possibly the greatest service we provide is that we will gladly showcase your ingredient at coveted health shows such as HI Japan where people regularly stop by the booth to see Coach’s new ingredients! In this way, you get access to the shows in Japan with no language barrier. There is guaranteed foot traffic, where people put Coach on the top of their list to visit and browse our unique selection.

Because we are global

With locations stretching across the globe, we have staging in San Francisco, Denver, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangladesh, and Milan. Using our vast network, we cut down lead times and prices for our customers. Coach also has bank locations in The USA and Japan making transfers and wires quick and easy.

Because we visit the source for the ingredients we provide to customers around the world

Coach Industries, Inc. provides top quality bulk ingredients to both the Japanese and American market places from around the world. Our vast network has been forged over 35 years. While we can provide all of the raw ingredient essentials such as basic vitamins and minerals, we excel at bringing unique American ingredients into the Japanese marketplace. If you on the other hand, are looking for bulk material to supply research, prototype development, or want to manufacture a new formula, we also provide top quality ingredients from around the world to suit your needs.

Our COO reviewing factory machinery.
When tasked to find the most detailed specifications, we visit the source directly in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. We traveled 12,000 feet above sea level to visit the farms and factories to make sure we could deliver the perfect grain size, nutritional specs, and color specs for our customer in Japan.

Because we get to know the people involved

Our COO Getting to Know the people who grow your ingredients

When we go to meet the farmers and manufacturers, we do not just go to meet the management. We go to see the conditions surrounding their work environment. If we are lucky enough, they may share a bit of their culture with us along the way.

Because we are family

At Coach, we are family. Our company has been around for over 35 years. We may be a global company, but we try to meet up together as often as possible. It is this synergy and sense of family that we extend to each and every one of our new customers. When working with Coach, you aren’t just sourcing your ingredients, you are working within a strong community that spans the entire globe.