Break Into the Japanese Market

Bringing Japan Unique American Ingredients for 35 Years

Coach Industries Inc has brought new and unique products to the Japanese market for over two decades. Do you have a new product you think might do well on the robust Japanese health and cosmetic market?

The Japan market is never easy to penetrate. The Japanese Ministry of Health has some of the strictest guidelines for entry of any country in the world. Health ingredients are very closely monitored for purity, radiation, and a slew of ingredients banned by the Ministry of Health. Beyond that there is skepticism of new ingredients that have not yet been tested by their own science teams and facilities.

That said, there is hope for your unique ingredient. There is a general rule that pop-health trends, as well as new unique formulas/ingredients in America will always follow in Japan. Whether or not you are able to be the first on the market depends on you having a partner who is already strongly established in the market place. Our Japanese branch has been working with the Ministry of Health and Japanese customs to distribute new and unique ingredients in the Japanese and American Market place for 35 years. Our network is so deeply embedded that we can guarantee your product will not only pass smoothly through customs, but have an already established network to distribute across the Japanese market.

Possibly the greatest service we provide is that we will gladly showcase your ingredient at coveted health shows such as HI Japan where people regularly stop by the booth to see Coach’s new ingredients! In this way, you get access to the shows in Japan with no language barrier. There is guaranteed foot traffic, where people put Coach on the top of their list to visit and browse our unique selection.

We will gladly showcase your ingredient at coveted health shows such as HI Japan.

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